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What is City Of Sin..

City Of Sin was founded by Artist Nixx, who was born on the Gold Coast in Australia and now resides in Las Vegas Nevada. Here is what Nixx explains to be the meaning behind the brand...

"As I grew older and found out who I truly was, it became apparant that I wasn't just going to fit in with the social standard set by the older generations that came before us. I was always told that the things I did and the way I acted was "Against the grain".. That was probably true in the eyes of the elders that surrounded us but to me it was a true reflection of the way things would change in the future. I was the guy obsessed with art in every sense, music, fashion, tattooing, painting, automotive even down to the art of business in all shapes and sizes. Every art is surrounded by a culture and most of the time these cultures deal with the darker side of the way the streets move. I've had a few brands over the years but nothing has hit home in representing me the same way City Of Sin does. I moved my whole life to Las Vegas to support my family and this place intrigued every part of my inquisitive mind. As i educated myself more on the history of LV I came across the story of where it all began, the place that is responsible for the infamous name "Sin City" and that part of the City is named "Block 16" .. This is where the railroad workers would go to gamble, drink and get with the prostitutes after work. It was the birth of everything to come! As I sat and thought about not only this but the foundation that a lot of cities are built on I came up with the name "City Of Sin".. We are the people that represent the new world, the world that generations before us thought to be bad but for us its everyday life and a beautiful one at that. When i think of Sin I don't think of it in biblical terms, It's more a word used to represent all the things regarded as "Against the grain".. We are a result of the cities we grew up in and the cities we live in, we are a result of our generation and the people that surround us, we are a result of the good times and bad times that we experience and as they say "Only the strong survive"..

For me dressing good has always been in the forefront of my thoughts everyday. From the shoes up your outfit can relate the way your feeling and also make you feel a certain positivity throughout the day. In a crazy world we are the sinners but we look good doing it!!

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